How to care for eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are one of the popular beauty needs of women, but how to care for eyelash extensions and keep them from falling out is always a concern for women. Understanding that, Nobu Nail Bar Lashes has compiled some extremely effective ways to care for eyelash extensions in the article below to solve your worries.
1. Avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands
Normally, when you first get eyelash extensions, you won't get used to them, which leads to itchy eyes or a little discomfort. Therefore, girls often use their hands to soothe their eyes.

However, Nobu's advice for girls is to try to endure and that feeling will pass in two to three days.

2. Be careful when washing your face
Women should note that they should avoid washing their face with warm water after applying eyelash extensions, because the warmth of the water can reduce the adhesion of the glue and will cause the eyelash extensions to fall out faster.

A face washing tip that Nobu sends you is to leave your eyes open when washing your face, then use a makeup remover cotton pad to gently wash the area around your eyes. This will help you clean your eyes but also help her protect her eyelash extensions better. This is also an effective way to care for eyelashes after extensions.
3. Abstain from water for the first 12 hours after eyelash extensions
Eyelash extension shops will guide you through this, but we still want to remind you again for those of you who do not understand.

There are some shops that will advise you to avoid water for about 3 to 4 hours, but in reality you should abstain for about the first 12 hours if the shop uses quality herbal glue. Because herbal glue is different from chemical glue, chemical glue only needs 2 to 3 hours to dry, even without abstinence it will still dry. This is also a way to identify what type of glue the store uses.

If you wonder why it is 12 hours and not some other number, the answer is extremely simple. Because after 12 hours, the eyelash extension glue will really dry, at this time the false eyelashes will adhere more firmly to the real eyelashes, thereby helping to keep the eyelash extensions from falling off longer.

4. Do not use mascara or eyelash makeup remover
You should not use mascara after eyelash extensions, because at this point your eyelashes will look much thicker and longer. When you use mascara, it may look better at first, but you need to remove eye makeup. And that can cause the eyelash glue to lose its adhesion quickly.
5. Avoid breaking your eyelashes when sleeping
If you have a habit of lying on your side or lying face down on the pillow, practice changing your habits when applying eyelash extensions. Usually, eyelash extensions are made from silk or nylon fibers, so if you are not careful, the eyelashes can become misaligned, or can also be folded, losing its inherent aesthetic appearance.

6. Pay attention to connection points every day
Women should check the eyelash extensions for leaks any time you have free time, which could be when you first wake up, or when you are about to go to bed,... in case the eyelashes are exposed a lot. Then she can remove that eyelash and apply new eyelashes.

In particular, after each test, you should half-close your eyes and use your fingers to gently push your eyelashes up in the curved direction to help them curl more evenly every day.

7. Wear glasses when going out in the first days
After eyelash extensions, she should wear glasses at any time when going out. Glasses will help protect her eyes from dust and dirt, while also making her eyes more comfortable when exposed to sunlight. At night, you can wear 0-degree glasses to better protect your eyes.
8. Limit the use of eyelash conditioners
It can be easily seen on the market that there are many cosmetics and nutrients that nourish eyelashes quickly and lengthen them such as coconut oil, gac oil,... and a number of other nutrients.

However, if you are wearing eyelash extensions, you should not use these nutrients because it will contribute to making your eyelashes fall out faster.

9. Brush your eyelashes every day
One of the ways to take care of your eyelashes after extensions is to brush them. Possessing curled eyelashes after eyelash extensions does not allow her to neglect brushing her eyelashes. On the contrary, you should brush your eyelashes gently and regularly every day. You should also remember to gently support your eyelashes. This not only helps your eyelashes stay curled, but is also a very effective way to keep eyelash extensions for a long time.

10. Don't forget to apply eyelash extensions on schedule
Nothing is forever, especially eyelash extensions with an average lifespan of only 2 to 3 months, ladies, don't forget to make an appointment with an eyelash extension specialist to touch up your eyelash extensions.